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Belfair Transfer Station

Belfair Transfer Station

Belfair Transfer Station Toll Booth located on Sandhill Road in Belfair, WA.
Welcome to the
Belfair Drop Box Station

The Belfair Drop Box is located on Sandhill Road in Belfair, WA.  The address is:
2001 NE Sandhill Road
Belfair, WA
(360) 275-6462
The hours of operation are:
9 am - 4pm
Tuesday - Saturday (Closed Sunday and Monday)
Belfair Drop Box Toll Booth

The Belfair Drop Box Station offers noncommercial solid waste disposal and recycling services.  It is a convenient place to dispose of used motor oil and antifreeze.  Automobile batteries are also accepted for a small fee. Household batteries are free.
Please click on the link above to view the disposal rates.
Belfair Transfer Station.

Recycling Bins located at the Belfair Transfer Station.
Recycling items Accepted at the Belfair Transfer Station.
Newspapers and inserts - YES.
Newspaper and Magazines
Newspapers and Magazines only.
Leave loose, no bags - no junk mail - no shredded paper please.  
Cardboard - YES. Please flatten all boxes.
Corrugated Cardboard -
Brown Paper Bags
Flatten all boxes. No cereal boxes or waxed coated cardboard. No pizza boxes or cardboard contaminated with food.
Glass  is accepted at the  Belfair, Hoodsport,  & Union Transfer Stations and the Main Landfill in Shelton.
Jars and bottles only. No dishes or window glass.  All colors accepted,
no sorting necessary. Remove all metal caps and lids. Rinse to clean. Labels can remain.
#1 Pete Plastic Bottles. Rinse and remove caps.
#1 Pete Plastic Bottles
Just BOTTLES Please.
Beverage bottles only. Rinse and remove caps.  No plastic bags, butter tubs, food trays, bakery plastic, toys, styrofoam.  Just the BOTTLE shape.
Milk Jugs - YES - Remove lids - Rinse - Flatten.
#2 HDPE Bottles and Jugs
Please rinse.
Discard tops and flatten.

#1 & #2 plastics, milk cartons and juice boxes can go in the bin together, Bottles and jugs only, no (margarine) tubs. Colored bottles and jugs OK.
Paper milk-style cartons
Milk Cartons - Juice Boxes
Rinse and flatten,
Please no frozen juice containers, butter boxes, or microwavable packaging.
Metal Cans - YES
Tin Cans
Rinse and Flatten
Aluminum cans - YES
Aluminum Cans
Rinse and Flatten
Mixed Paper - YES
 Mixed Paper

Junk mail, cereal boxes, school papers, egg cartons, phone books,  magazines, catalogs, bagged shredded paper, envelopes - no need to remove plastic windows or staples.

Oil and Antifreeze Recycle Station in Belfair.
Used motor oil, transmission fluid, and antifreeze can be recycled at the Belfair Drop Box Station. There is a limit of five gallons per household per month.  Please see the Toll Booth attendant before using the oil room. All oil and antifreeze must be signed in and the number of gallons recorded.  
Please keep your used motor oil in capped containers, do not let it get contaminated with dirt, leaves, rain water or other elements.  
Automobile batteries are accepted and recycled for a small fee.  
Clothing Bin
Meet the newest addition to the Belfair Recycle Family.  There is a bin for used clothing.  Please bring your gently used clothing and place in the bin.  Good used shoes, linens and bedding are also accepted.
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